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Our Vision is to make Smart Home affordable for everyone.

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Pariot - The cheap alternative for Smart Home

For your Home

Thanks to the timeless design of the aluminum housing, the Pariot control unit finds a place in every living room

Keep all the remote controls in your hand with the Pariot app.

Get rid of the chaos of remote control!

Thanks to the integration of infrared transceivers, the Pariot control center can control all your entertainment devices with infrared receivers, whether smart or not - even the 20-year-old tube TV is integrated into the system.

Create individual scenarios

For a good start to the day

Birds chirping from the hi-fi system, the first sunlight through the automatically opened blinds and the smell of coffee from the automatically started coffee machine - is there a more beautiful way to wake up?

This is Pariot One

Pariot is the smart and cost-effective entry into smart home. Consisting of the components below, Pariot's Starter Set allows you to automate a whole room.

Das Bewegungsmelder-Modul

The motion detector is installed in front of and behind a door, and can thus identify how many people are in the room - of course only if you want to. For example, you can automatically turn off the lights if there is no person in the room.

Das Steckdosen-Modul

Probably the most common application is the control of sockets. The socket is simply plugged between your devices to be switched and are directly ready for operation. So you control your lamps, your TV or whatever you want to control - and automatically save electricity.

Das Heizungsthermostat

The heating thermostat replaces your existing manual thermostat. The installation is very easy. Thanks to the thermostat, the control unit can control the heating, so you save energy and switch the heating on automatically if you want.

Das Lichtschalter-Modul

The light switch also replaces your existing light switch. The installation should be done by a professional. If the switch is installed, it can be switched from the control center as well as still manually.

The Pariot App

For Android and iOS

Easy to set up

Just download the app, connect with the control center and your Smart Home Starter Pack is ready for use.


In the app you can control all your devices and add new devices. Compatibility with other systems is constantly being expanded.


You do not want to switch your devices manually? No problem, simply set up individual program sequences according to the if-then principle.

Die Pariot-App - Coming Soon

Download the app now and enjoy Smart Home!

Hold on, another smart home manufacturer?

What makes Pariot unique?

Easy installation

The installation of the Pariot control unit is very simple. Connect to the enclosed power supply, download the Pariot app and your control panel will automatically get recognized - and you can start controlling your devices.

Reasonable price

With Pariot One, we have designed a Smart Home Starter package, which we have consistently paid attention to at a reasonable price. Many studies show that the price for the end customer is the most important criterion when choosing a smart home system.

Easy entry

We want to offer our customers the best possible plug-and-play experience. Therefore, the center already knows all the devices of the Pariot starter package, so you can start controlling your devices - without any action.

High compatibility

We know that there is not one Smart Home standard. Therefore the control center is equipped with many different Smart Home standards. Already, Pariot is already compatible with many other Smart Home systems, but we are still expanding it.

Who we are


Our Members

Marcel is responsible for all technical matters

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Marcel Hunfeld

Founder, CTO

Our Members

Daniel is responsible for commercial matters

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Daniel Hunfeld

Co-Founder, CEO

Solve your problem

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pariot One?

Pariot One is a SmartHome starter package that scales the principles of existing SmartHome solutions to a single room.

Can I integrate my previous Smart Home products into Pariot

Yes, the "Add" button in the app allows you to add all compatible multimedia devices, TVs, radio lamps, radio sockets, etc. By integrating 433 MHz transceivers, even the DIY market radio sockets are part of your Smart Home system.

What is the advantage of Pariot?

By focussing on a room, we have managed to ensure an unprecedented, low price and a correspondingly high compatibility of the devices of the starterkit.

What is included in the Pariot Starterkit?

The Pariot starter package includes a central control unit for your room, three radio sockets, a radio switch, two motion sensors and a heating thermostat.

Is Pariot expandable?

Yes, by integrating many different wireless standards, such as Z-Wave, WiFi and Bluetooth, we can offer a very high level of expandability.

I have an old tube TV. Can this be controlled by Pariot?

Yes, through the integration of infrared transceivers, this is also possible.

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